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Condemned to Salvation Conference – Q & A with Alexander Girbu

Condemned to Salvation Conference –  Perseverance of the Saints” with Alexander Girbu. Sacramento, CA

God on Trail with John Lennox, Mark Mittelberg, Paul Copan, & Bobby Conway (confernce in 4 videos, to view next part go to right top corner of this video and click on little arrow). 

“Modern Christian” Cornerstone Church with A. Gyrbu.   07.01.18

Forum with Pavel Schur “The Struggle of The Flesh”. Guests: G. Neverov & A. Pronin. 04.15.18

“The Holy Spirit” and His actions in The church. Presenter Pavel Schur. Guest M. Tsing. 09.10.17

“Church & I” Presenter P. Schur. Speaker V. Omelchuk. 06.11.17

Forum “Messiah and Israel”.  04.23.17

“Virtual World” Presenter P. Schur, Speaker E. Dushakov.  02.12.17

Forum “Family & Bible”. Presenter P. Schur. Guests A. Melnichuk & I. Lischuk.  12.11.16

Dependency Liberation” Presenter P. Schur, Speaker Sergey M.  10.02.16

Forum. Presenter P Schur. Guests: S. Babich & E. Dushakov.  07.03.16